At Iron Horse Equestrian Center, we specialize in training horses and riders in Hunter/Jumper, Equitation, and Dressage. Our award-winning trainers will customize a program for riders of all ages and experience levels to guide them toward achieving their goals. 

We consider riding to be a lifetime sport. Young and mature riders alike develop lasting friendships based on their mutual passion for horses and the camaraderie that emerges as each rider passes personal milestones in their training. Our ranch is designed to nurture those relationships. We have created spaces where people naturally congregate and can enjoy almost unlimited hours with the horses and each other. Whether you are a young or mature rider, our equestrians find the support and encouragement to be the best rider possible. That’s what makes our Iron Horse community so special. 

For our non-riding family members and supporters who want to stay and enjoy the fun, our viewing areas are built to make sure that you are comfortable. But beware, this sport is catching! You may have ridden as a child yourself, or recall the days when you unsuccessfully begged your parents for a horse of your own. Or maybe you never even considered it before now. The good news is that it’s never too late to discover the joys of riding. More than one Iron Horse mom can be spotted mounting the horse she believed was purchased for her daughter, and it’s easy to observe how that relationship deepens as they enjoy their shared equine experiences.


As much as we love building confidence in our riders, we never lose site of the need for top-quality equine care. Our horses receive close attention from our devoted trainers and barn personnel 365 days per year. These athletes need top nutrition and a wide range services by equine health care providers in order to be well-schooled, healthy and happy. 

Unlike other most other facilities, you are welcome to spend time with your horse just about any time, day or night. In fact, we encourage riders to be here as much as possible. Lessons are available 7 days a week, with frequent clinics from outside experts to enhance rider skills. Outside of your lesson time, you can also take advantage of the bridle trails on the property or practice in one of our four arenas. 

When you can’t be here, you can rest easy that your horses are receiving the best of care that includes constant supervision, cleaning, feeding and blanketing by our experienced barn staff. If we see something wrong, we’ll immediately check it out and call you or our veterinarian.

We are at all times equipped to respond to any emergency.